Some of NEIGHBOR SIGNAL use scenarios

A couple of burglars broke into a home – the sensors reported the event to NEIGHBOR SIGNAL, which alerted the neighbors that something was wrong in the area. The neighbors were able to find a way to prevent the crime and prosecute the intruders.

A house was filling with smoke, and this was detected by smoke sensors. The sensors reported to NEIGHBOR SIGNAL, which made the neighbors aware of what was happening. They quickly acted to prevent the fire from spreading to their lots. As the local Fire Department also can watch the NEIGHBOR SIGNAL alerts, they were prepared to act even faster.

A water leak was detected on one floor of a multi-storey apartment building. This became known to the neighbors on the lower floors in just seconds via NEIGHBOR SIGNAL, so they were able to minimise the damage and save more of their assets.

Armed criminals intruded a home and started "communicating" with people living there. Although the house residents received the alerts to their mobile phones, the intruders prevented them from using this method. Luckily, the alerts were also routed to their neighbors via NEIGHBOR SIGNAL, who acted fast and notified the authorities.

There was a gas leak in one house. Next door, the neighbors were having a BBQ. Luckily, they were also connected to NEIGHBOR SIGNAL, so they became aware of the risks involved and turned off their BBQ.

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